How We Work

The Good Practice Group seeks to respond flexibly and creatively to the challenges of providing appropriate and sustainable services for vulnerable groups and individuals.

The Good Practice Group often deploys non-formalized processes of cooperation, collaboration and work in solidarity to bring about and sustain change. This non-formalized approach is, however, to be contrasted with a focus on specific and practical outcomes in terms of the activities it supports.  In order to support this work, The Good Practice Group also undertakes for-profit activities congruent with its institutional aims.

Maintaining minimal logistical, financial, knowledge and process-management infrastructure, The Good Practice Group acts act as an ‘incubator’ for strategic interventions, drawing together and mobilizing a network of volunteer and paid workers to respond to urgent or chronic needs.  Our teams are drawn from a pool of collaborators across Sri Lanka and occasionally from elsewhere.  The Good Practice Group retains a high degree of flexibility around the form, methods and specific points of engagement, in order to be responsive to shifting priorities and unexpected openings for intervention.

Emerging interventions or services are institutionalized within existing or new structures for long-term operation and independence from the GPG.  The Good Practice Group never works independently of other collaborating institutions or practitioners in the field, and seeks to form enduring cooperative relationships with its partners wherever possible.  It also undertakes work across a range of scales, from support to individual frontline workers to hosting a global network, and attempts to act as a bridge between micro and macro processes within the field.

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