Areas of Work

The Good Practice Group is concerned with the mental health and psychosocial dimensions of human suffering under conditions of crisis and everyday adversity. Mental health and psychosocial wellbeing is conceived broadly and encompasses also other inter-related domains such as socio-economic or human security.

The main thematic areas of work undertaken by The Good Practice Group are as follows:

  • Mental health & psychosocial support in emergencies (eg. supervision of frontline workers; hosting global online network) 
  • Care and protection of children (eg. undertaking systematic evaluations; support to training; leveraging networks)
  • Core mental health services (eg. documentation of good practice; technical support to infrastructure and policy development) 
  • Gender-based violence (eg. support to frontline workers; prevalence research) 
  • Post-conflict reconstruction and development (eg. psychosocial accompaniment of community initiatives; technical advice and assessment)

The main activities carried out by The Good Practice Group are listed below:

  • Direct service provision (eg. provision of counselling and personal support services)
  • Support to services & service providers (eg. supervision of fieldworkers; strategic planning and organizational development)
  • Innovation for practice (eg. development of new financing models; piloting of new methodologies)
  • Training & education (eg. curriculum development; delivery of training; delivery of regional courses)
  • Knowledge production and exchange (eg. conducting research; supporting online platforms; academic outputs)
  • Consultancy & external services (eg. conducting evaluations; providing advisory services; undertaking applied research)

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