Examples of Work (2010-2013)

Since its incorporation in 2010, The Good Practice Group has worked with a wide range of institutions and has undertaken diverse assignments.

Recent clients and collaborators include the following: Overseas Development Institute, The Asia Foundation Sri Lanka, Social Scientists’ Association, National Institute for Social Development, Ministry for Child Development and Women’s Affairs, Institute for Health Policy, Janashakthi Insurance PLC, ATG Lanka Pvt Ltd,  Save the Children in Sri Lanka, CARE Sri Lanka, War Trauma Foundation, World Vision Australia, Antares Foundation, National Development Bank, DFCC & DFCC Vardhana Banks, Volunteer Services Overseas, ZOA Refugee Care, Queen Margaret University, Mental Health & Psychosocial Support Network (mhpss.net), Eastern Self-Reliant Community-Awakening Organization, World Vision Lanka, Suriya Women’s Development Centre and state mental health services in districts in Eastern and Northern Sri Lanka.

Below is a selection of the contracted and self-financed work undertaken by The Good Practice Group during the period 2010-2013:

Core mental health services:

  • Establishment and documentation of a model kitchen in a long-term stay ward in a mental hospital
  • Ongoing training and peer supervision of mental health staff in four hospitals in Eastern Sri Lanka
  • Supporting the establishment of a novel category of community-mental health workers in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka
  • Design and fundraising for building mental health unit in northern Sri Lanka
  • Support to designing and development of a mental health trust concept to support public services
  • Assessment of post-war mental health services in Sri Lanka

Care and protection of children:

  • Support to establishment and functioning of child rights advocacy network, including advising on disaster response
  • Support to training of probation and child care officers in the Western Province of Sri Lanka
  • Strategic planning for child & youth programme unit of membership-based organization in eastern sri lanka
  • Support to a volunteer policy and practice think-tank on care and protection of children in Sri Lanka
  • Advice on design of a child advocacy organization’s study on child sexual abuse prevalence study
  • Evaluation of child protection project on community protection mechanisms and de-institutionalization in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka
  • Support to design and implementation of a study on care arrangements for children of migrant workers

Gender based violence:

  • Facilitation of case disussions groups for women’s organization working on GBV in Batticaloa
  • Support for development of self-care and support capabilities of gbv case workers in Eastern Sri lanka
  • Facilitation of support for community workers engaging in GBV issues in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka
  • Advocacy for evidence-supported responses to GBV in Eastern Sri Lanka

International networking, collaboration and knowledge exchange:

  • Stewarding support and online-hosting services for global mental health & psychosocial support network.
  • Co-chairing of the mental health and psychosocial working group of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
  • Steering global research study on “developing a research agenda for mental health interventions and psychosocial support in humanitarian settings in low- and middle income countries”
  • Advisory support to an “innovation platform for global mental health”

MHPSS in emergencies:

  • Ongoing training of psychosocial workers from non-government organizations working in Northern Sri Lanka
  • Training for a faith-based institution on providing support to its congregation after crisis
  • Organizational strengthening and strategic planning for a key service provider in Northern Sri Lanka
  • Development of Batticaloa Floods and Psychosocial Support guidelines
  • Delivery of training on ‘mental health and psychosocial support in conflict’ for South Asian practitioners
  • Training of South Asian regional practitioners on the IASC MHPSS Guidelines
  • Adaptation and translation of WHO manual on Psychological First Aid into Sinhala and Tamil
  • Training of corporate clients and community workers on delivering Psychological First Aid

Recent publications by GPG Associates include the following:

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World Health Organization (2013) Tamil Translation of “Psychological First Aid: A Field Guide”, The Good Practice Group.

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